Merdeka Conservation Dive has been choosen as our sole annual event which will be held in August / September every year. This event is mainly to exposed to all participant about the conservation program that they could excute save and conserve our marine life.

The first MCD was held on September 2008 which we had succesfully deployed artificial reef of 5 unit Cheese Block, 10 Unit Dome, and 30 unit of Enviro Reef. This activity were fully supported by Jabatan Taman Laut Malaysia, Tourism Malaysia and State Goverment of Terengganu.

The reef are positively growth with various type of corals and fishes. Thus, in 2011, Ed Scuba had succesfully deployed another 3 unit of Cheese Block reef. These area has been certified as a new dive and snorkeling site which called Merdeka Reef.